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Hear for you

Eagle Creek Hearing Solutions proudly serves the Twin Cities and surrounding communities with in-home professional hearing health care. We know how vital hearing is to your life and how it connects you to family and friends. Through the latest hearing technology, we will help you hear those conversations you have been missing from the comfort of your own home.

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Are you struggling to understand others? Is the volume on your TV creeping louder and louder? If so, it is time for a hearing test. At Eagle Creek Hearing Solutions, we offer comprehensive hearing evaluations to determine what you can hear, and what sounds you may be missing out on. Hearing tests are pain free and non-invasive, and results can help determine the cause and area of hearing concern and issue.

While hearing loss is very common, it is never easy to face the challenges that come with hearing difficulties. It is important to recognize and respond to changes you may encounter with your hearing. Evaluating your hearing early, and seeking intervention can make it easier to treat your challenges, while helping to relieve stress and hardship that may negatively impact your overall health and mental wellbeing.

At Eagle Creek Hearing Solutions, we encourage everyone to pursue their hobbies and passions. We also want you to be safe! We have a variety of custom solutions geared to protect your hearing from environmental and recreational noise. From swimmer’s protection, to musicians plugs, to custom hunter’s noise protection, we are your solution. Hearing health is a vital part of livelihood and passion, so visit us today to learn more about custom solutions for your life.

Hearing Tests and Hearing Aids in Minneapolis-Saint Paul

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