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At Eagle Creek Hearing Solutions, we encourage everyone to pursue their hobbies and passions. We also want you to be safe! We have a variety of custom solutions geared to protect your hearing from environmental and recreational noise. From swimmer’s protection, to musicians plugs, to custom hunter’s noise protection, we are your solution. Hearing health is a vital part of livelihood and passion, so visit us today to learn more about custom solutions for your life.


Noise induced hearing loss is the single most common cause of permanent hearing damage, and is also the most preventable. Exposure to high levels of noise can damage the sensory cells located in the inner ear. These sensory cells are responsible for detecting sound waves in the air, converting those sounds to electrical signals and sending that information up into the brain. Once damaged, these cells cannot be repaired or replaced and permanent damage to our hearing occurs. This type of damage can be compounding and over time, repeated exposure to high levels of noise can result in increasing amounts of hearing loss and hearing difficulty.

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Excessive levels of noise is one of the main culprits for hearing loss. But how can we know if a noise is causing lasting harm to our hearing? As a general rule, sounds below 85 decibels are considered to be within safe listening limits. If someone is exposed to sound at 85 decibels over 8 hours, that level and duration of sound can cause lasting effects to hearing. As sound increases in intensity or volume, the length of time for safe exposure becomes shorter. 
If you are concerned about noise in your life, from recreational sounds to environmental sounds, you can always learn the intensity of sounds through several applications available for your mobile phone, tablet or computer. As always, if the level of sound is concerning, utilize hearing protection to preserve your hearing health.



As previously mentioned, high levels of noise can adversely affect hearing. One of the largest areas of hazardous noise exposure is occupational noise. Sustaining high levels of noise over your work day can impact your hearing and lead to noise induced hearing loss. Individuals who work with loud machinery, in bustling classrooms or restaurants, and even those who work on and around airplanes may be exposed to damaging levels of noise.

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Single-use and disposable ear plugs are a quick and easy solution to exposure to hazardous noise. For those individuals who are consistently exposed to high levels of noise, custom-fitted hearing protection is a better solution to protecting your hearing health. Custom-fitted hearing protection is created through a custom mold of your ear, creating a unique and tailored fit for maximum protection and comfort. Custom-fitted hearing protection is perfect for hunters, outdoorsmen, individuals exposed to occupational noise, those who enjoy working with power tools on a recreational or occupational basis and even those who need sound sleep while living close to busy streets or airports.



Are you a musician? Do you work in music as an engineer, vocalist or just love to attend concerts and musical performances? If music is a large part of your life, custom musician plugs can help you preserve your hearing to enjoy that music throughout your life. 
The average intensity levels at concerts is 105 decibels, which can lead to permanent hearing damage after just 10 minutes of exposure. To safely enjoy your performance or enjoyment of music, musician plugs are a great solution. Musician plugs are specially designed custom ear protection that allow the rich, vibrant sound of music to come through, while protecting from the damage of high levels of sound. Musician plugs are custom fit and tailored for comfort, while allowing you to safely enjoy the music you love!

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