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Today’s hearing technology are more advanced than every. They are essential tiny computers sitting on your ear, deciphering sounds in your environment to help give you the highest quality signal for your brain to hearing.  The more accurate the hearing technology is, the better opportunity you have to understand even in those complex listening environments such as restaurants, social gatherings and in the car. Even though hearing technology has more technology in them than ever, they have become more discreet with many styles being nearly invisible to your family and friends. When choosing your hearing technology it is important to understand how different styles and technology levels will fit your lifestyle. Take a look at what is available here at Eagle Creek Hearing Solutions.



Receiver-in-canal hearing aids closely resemble BTE with a few differences. Instead of a tube going into the ear, it is a wire connected to a speaker that sits in the ear canal. This helps to eliminate sound distortion and reduce feedback. This makes RIC’s a great choice for individuals looking for great sound quality with the ability to treat mild to severe hearing losses.

Xceed - BTE SP Chroma Beige Binaural - H


Behind-the-ear hearing technology rest comfortably behind the ear with a tube that is connected to an earmold or dome that sits in the ear. These are some of the most widely used due to there versatility. BTE’s offer a wide range of power, allowing them to treat mild to profound hearing losses.



In-the-ear technology fill the entire outer ear. ITE’s are the most visible option making them good for individuals that need larger batteries, controls and receivers to fit greater hearing losses. ITE’s are designed for a mild to severe hearing loss.



In-the-canal sit at the front of the ear canal. ITC’s can be color matched to your skin tone to help make them as discreet as possible. They are slightly larger than the CIC allowing them to fit a larger range of hearing losses. Their size and position in the ear make them suitable for mild to moderately-severe hearing loss.



Completely-in-canal instruments fit deeply into the ear canal. They are a bit larger than the IIC, while still offering a discreet option. This small design delivers great sound performance for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.



Invisible-in-canal are the most discreet hearing option available. IIC instruments are the smallest custom hearing aids available. They sit deep in the ear canal and are nearly invisible to the naked eye. Because of their small size, IIC’s are designed for mild to moderate hearing loss.

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Hearing Technology Features

Hearing technology comes with many features and options that are customizable to your lifestyle and hearing needs.

Tinnitus Management

With millions of people suffering from tinnitus, hearing technology manufactures have built-in tinnitus relief options to help manage your tinnitus. Along with hearing technologies, tinnitus therapies such as sound therapy, relaxation techniques, and retraining, you can experience relief from your tinnitus.

Telecoil Loop

A telecoil is a small coil inside your hearing technology that will receive a signal from a telecoil loop system. Telecoil loops broadcast an audio signal to the telecoil, so you can better hear announcements, audio from movies, plays, musicals, and/or the sermon at church. Telecoil loops are available in public places such as churches, libraries, museums, airports, and theaters.

Smart Connectivity

With the advancements in connectivity, many hearing technology options are capable of streaming audio directly to your ears from your phone, television, computer, or anything with bluetooth connectivity.

Rechargeable Hearing Technology

Hearing technology manufacturers are now harnessing the power of lithium ion rechargeable batteries in hearing technology. These systems offer long lasting performance with quick and easy recharging. No more need to put in tiny batteries and eliminating the waste, rechargeables are the way to go.

Hearing Technology: Welcome

Hearing Technology Features

As an experienced Audiologist based in San Francisco, my patients appreciate the warmth, professional integrity, and open communication that define my medical practice. I’m determined to help my patients understand their own health so they can be well informed when making important health decisions.

Hearing Technology: Welcome
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