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Are you struggling to understand others? Is the volume on your TV creeping louder and louder? If so, it is time for a hearing test. At Eagle Creek Hearing Solutions, we offer comprehensive hearing evaluations to determine what you can hear, and what sounds you may be missing out on. Hearing tests are pain free and non-invasive, and results can help determine the cause and area of hearing concern and issue.

Hearing exams are simple and effective in determining issues around your hearing health. Here’s what to expect during the exam:


  • The first step is the consultation. During this time, we will review your medical history and evaluate any contributing factors to your difficulties hearing and understanding. We will review past and current medications as well as medical conditions. These steps are important, as many conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease can contribute to hearing loss. 

  • During the consultation, we will also discuss issues that have motivated you to evaluate your hearing, including how long you’ve experienced difficulties and your risk of noise exposure, including recreational and occupational noise. 

  • Finally, we will evaluate your lifestyle and activities to learn what areas of your life you are experiencing the most difficulty, and your goals for hearing and understanding better.


  • Prior to testing your hearing, we will perform a physical exam of your ears. During this time, we will look in your ear canals and at your outer ear. This will help to determine any abnormalities that can affect hearing. The physical exam also allows us to evaluate the amount of wax in your ear canal, which can impact hearing test results. 

  • Physical exams help to evaluate the form and function of the outer and middle ear, to further determine where the hearing issue may lie.


The audiology testing will consist of a series of listening tests. During this time, we will evaluate the softest sound you can hear, how you do understanding in noise, and determine where, if anywhere, the issue with your hearing lies in the hearing system.


  • After completing your hearing tests, we will review your results in an easy to understand process. We will review the diagram that shows how well you hear different sounds, and where the challenges in your hearing are located. 

  • Combined with the results of your physical exam, we can assess and address present hearing issues. We will also review appropriate solutions for your lifestyle and hearing difficulty at this time.


  • Permanent hearing loss cannot be reversed, but can be managed effectively with the appropriate use of hearing devices and communication strategies. If your test results reveal a hearing loss, we will review your options for treatment. 

  • At Eagle Creek Hearing Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing exception and customized solutions for every patients hearing challenges. We specialize in the fitting and programming of hearing technology, custom designed for each patient. Our aim is to relieve the stress and frustration you experience with hearing challenges and create a positive impact in your life, by connecting you with options that are as unique as you.

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